About TMGL

Mission Statement and Our Company

TMGL is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Makua Group. The Makua Group is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Native Hawaiian Organization. TMGL's primary objectives are to provide superior engineering and technical support to the United States Federal Government and the Department of Defense. Our efforts are focused on enhancing the safety, security and stability of our great Nation. TMGL's focus within this undertaking specializes in four main areas: information technologies, security systems, telecommunications and border security related operations. Within these disciplines, we will incorporate light construction to provide the infrastructure support necessary to ensure a full range of services to our customers.

Our Services

As the threat of terrorism, illegal immigration, black market movement of drugs, human trafficking and weapons of mass destruction grow, the need to detect, monitor and pursue this activity is critical. TMGL is dedicated to working with our Federal Government and DOD to identify and help mitigate the impact of these threats to our way of life.


Border Security is at the forefront of TMGL's attention. With the dangers that come with illegal immigration, we strive to protect the integrity of our nation.


The threat of biochemical weapons is increasing, which is why TMGL's CBRN resources are ready to go at a moment's notice.


With around-the-clock surveillance and data analysis, TMGL provides a more secure and efficient solution to modern-day threats.


TMGL, LLC is a small business 100% owned by the Makua Group a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO).

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